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Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198813903
Number of Pages: 800
Published: 03/02/2023
Width: 18 cm
Height: 25.4 cm
The Oxford Handbook of Vatican II is a rich source of information and reflections on many aspects of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), one of the most significant religious events of the twentieth century. The chapters introduce readers to the historical context and outstanding features of the conciliar event, and its principal teachings on Scripture and Tradition, the church, liturgy, religious liberty, ecumenism, interreligious dialogue, church-world relations, and mission. Consideration is given to some neglected aspects of the council, including: the forgotten papal speeches that lay out its fundamental orientation and ought to guide its interpretation; the presence and contributions of women; and the non-reception of the council among Catholic traditionalists. Ecumenical scholars reflect on the significance of Vatican II for the life of other Christian churches and the search for Christian unity; others examine Catholic dialogue with other religious traditions. Surveying the diverse receptions of the council in the perspective of a world church, chapters focusing on Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, Oceania, and Europe reflect on the interpretation and influence of the council and its teaching on the life of the church in diverse cultural contexts. This Handbook will serve as a valuable guide to one of the most important events and bodies of Catholic teaching since the Protestant Reformation and the Council of Trent in the sixteenth century, to the interpretation of the council's teaching, and to its continuing role in guiding the life of the church in the twenty-first century. .

Catherine E. Clifford (St Paul University), Massimo Faggioli (Villanova University)

Catherine E. Clifford is Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology in the Faculty of Theology, Saint Paul University, Ottawa, where she also serves as founding Director of the Research Centre on Vatican II and Twenty-First-Century Catholicism. She holds a PhD (Theology) from the University of St Michel's College, Toronto (2002) and a Licentiate in Theology from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland (1987). Her research and teaching interests lie in the areas of ecclesiology, ecumenism, and the history of Vatican II, with a particular emphasis on the understanding of ecclesial reform, the development of doctrines, and the diversity of Christian communions within the world Christian movement. She is actively engaged in ecumenical work, and presently serves as a member of the Methodist-Roman Catholic International Commission. Massimo Faggioli is Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Villanova University (Philadelphia). He previously held a teaching post at the John XXIII Foundation for Religious Studies in Bologna (1996-2008), and was founding co-chair (2012-2017) of the Vatican II Studies group at the American Academy of Religion. He is the author ofA Council for the Global Church: Receiving Vatican II in History (2015) and The Liminal Papacy of Pope Francis: Moving Toward Global Catholicity (2020).

The Oxford Handbook of Vatican II he Oxford Handbook of Vatican II attempts a Herculean task...Those in the English speaking world who teach Catholic theology now have a book at hand that comprehensively considers virtually every important post-conciliar subject, filled with references and additional resources, against which scholars and average Catholics can crosscheck their arguments and intuitions. * Michael Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter * For those who know little of the council, the book is the perfect primer. For those called to preach or teach in the name of the church, it becomes an invaluable guide, from university professors to parish priests to catechists. * Michael Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter *

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