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Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198831723
Number of Pages: 768
Published: 28/04/2022
Width: 17.8 cm
Height: 25.3 cm
The Oxford Handbook of Mission Studies represents more than a century of scholarship related to the theology, history, and methodology of the propagation of Christian faith and the engagement of Christians with cultures, religions, and societies worldwide. It contains more than 40 articles by experts from different disciplinary and ecclesial perspectives, who are from all continents. It not only offers a broad overview of key approaches and issues in mission studies but it also highlights current trends and suggests future developments. The Handbook builds on renewed interest in mission studies this century generated by recent key statements on mission from ecumenical, evangelical, Catholic, and Orthodox sources, and by a spate of academic works on the topic. Western church leaders now apply insights from foreign missions (such as, inculturation, liberation, interfaith work, and power encounter) to today's multicultural societies. Meanwhile, there are new initiatives in mission from the Majority World, where most Christians live, so that sending is not only 'from the west to the rest' but 'from everywhere to everywhere'. Therefore, this volume aims to reflect the voices of the receivers of mission as well as its protagonists and to raise awareness of new movements. In a time of growing recognition of 'religions' more generally, this work examines and theorizes the missional dimensions of the world's largest religion: its agendas, growth, outreach, role in public life, effect on cultures, relevance for development, and its approaches to other communities.

Kirsteen Kim (Paul E. Pierson Chair in World Christianity and Associate Dean, Paul E. Pierson Chair in World Christianity and Associate Dean, Center for Missiological Research, Fuller Theological Seminary, USA), Knud Jørgensen, Alison Fitchett-Climenhaga (Research Fellow, Research Fellow, Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry, Australian Catholic University, Australia)

Kirsteen Kim first taught mission studies at Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India (1993-1997). She also taught in the Cambridge Theological Federation, University of Birmingham, and University of Leeds before becoming a full professor at Leeds Trinity University in 2011. Since 2017 she has been professor of World Christianity at Fuller. She has published five monographs, several edited works, and 150 chapters and articles. She has been a consultant for the World Council of Churches and other organizations, edited the journal Mission Studies (2012-2020), and currently edits the book series, Theology and Mission in World Christianity (Brill). Knud Jørgensen (1942 - 2018) was a journalist and theologian. He was Dean of Tao Fong Shan, Hong Kong until 2010 and then adjunct professor at the MF Norwegian School of Theology. He published several books and articles on journalism, communication, leadership and mission, and was one of the editors of the Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series. He also had a long career as a broadcaster in Europe, Africa, and Asia, including for the Lutheran World Federation, Geneva. Alison Fitchett-Climenhaga is a Research Fellow in the Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, Australia. Her research focuses on Christianity in Africa, missiology, and world Christianity, with emphases on popular religion, lay leadership, and conflict and peacebuilding. She has published on the history and anthropology of mission, and she serves on the American Society of Missiology's board of publications and Scholarly Monograph Series editorial committee.

Both an empirical study of Americans dropping out of their religions and an interesting snapshot and analysis of the shiling Christian terrain in the U.S. Even those who take issue with Bullivant's diagnosis of American secularization will learn a great deal from his study of "nonverts" - those who have disaffiliated from religion. * Religion Watch * To wrap things up, Gina Zurlo and Todd Johnson survey the use of statistics to measure the spread of Christianity, its demography and impact. Their overview of current quantitative data on Christian mission and the growth of world Christianity makes fascinating and salutary reading. * Stephen Spencer, Anglican Communion Office, London, UK, Journal of Anglican Studies *

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