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Paperback / softback


Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198841241
Number of Pages: 384
Published: 29/10/2020
Width: 13.5 cm
Height: 1.9 cm
b The most influential of Augustine's works, iCity of God/i played a decisive role in the formation of the Christian West. /b Augustine wrote City of God in the aftermath of the Gothic sack of Rome in AD 410, at a time of rapid Christianization across the Roman Empire. Gerard O'Daly's book remains the most comprehensive modern guide in any language to this seminal work of European literature. In this new and extensively revised edition, O'Daly takes into account the abundant scholarship on Augustine in the twenty years since its first publication, while retaining the book's focus on Augustine as a writer in the Latin tradition. He explores the many themes of City of God, which include cosmology, political thought, anti-pagan polemic, Christian apologetic, theory of history, and biblical interpretation. This guide, therefore, is about a single literary masterpiece, yet at the same time it surveys Augustine's developing views through the whole range of his thought. As well as a running commentary on each part of the work, O'Daly provides chapters on the themes of the work, a bibliographical guide to research on its reception, translations of any Greek and Latin texts discussed, and detailed suggestions for further reading.

Gerard O'Daly (Emeritus Professor of Latin, University College London)

Gerard O'Daly read Classics at University College Dublin and has a doctorate in Plotinus from Berne University, Switzerland. Now retired, Gerard O'Daly has taught at the Universities of Lancaster, Würzburg, and Nottingham. He is a former Professor of Latin at University College London and former Dean of its Faculty of Arts and Humanities. His research focuses on philosophy and literature in the Roman Empire between AD 200 and 500.

Review from previous edition An expert and well-judged study, and one long needed * Journal of Roman Studies * O'Daly's knowledge of Augustine bibliography is stunningly wide-ranging, always well-judged, and immensely helpful in guiding the reader to informed further research in any one of the multitude of themes and ideas which cluster together in the City of God. * Journal of Theological Studies * O'Daly intends to provide a detailed yet accessible reading of Augstine's vast and complex masterpiece, directed at a wide group of readers who are not necessarily specialists. By taking up this task O'Daly fills indeed a gap in scholarship that was long overdue, and he is a scholar most apt for this task. * Church History *

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