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Publisher: Pennsylvania State University Press
ISBN: 9780271092157
Number of Pages: 282
Published: 22/02/2022
Width: 15.2 cm
Height: 22.9 cm

Since the 1830s, Holiness and Pentecostal movements have had a significant influence on many Christian churches, and they have been a central force in producing what is known today as World Christianity. This book demonstrates the advantages of analyzing them in relation to one another.

The Salvation Army, the Church of the Nazarene, the Wesleyan Church, and the Free Methodist Church identify strongly with the Holiness Movement. The Assemblies of God and the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World identify just as strongly with the Pentecostal Movement. Complicating matters, denominations such as the Church of God (Cleveland), the International Holiness Pentecostal Church, and the Church of God in Christ have harmonized Holiness and Pentecostalism. This book, the first in the new series Studies in the Holiness and Pentecostal Movements, examines these complex relationships in a multidisciplinary fashion. Building on previous scholarship, the contributors provide new ways of understanding the relationships, influences, and circulation of ideas among these movements in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and Southeast and East Asia.

In addition to the editors, the contributors are Kimberly Ervin Alexander, Insik Choi, Robert A. Danielson, Chris E. W. Green, Henry H. Knight III, Frank D. Macchia, Luther Oconer, Cheryl J. Sanders, and Daniel Woods.

David Bundy (Manchester Wesley Research Centre, Nazarene Theological College), Geordan Hammond (Manchester Wesley Research Centre, Nazarene Theological College), David Sang-Ehil Han (Pentecostal Theological Seminary)

David Bundy is Associate Director of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre. He is the author of Keswick: A Bibliographic Introduction to the Higher Life Movements and Visions of Apostolic Mission: Scandinavian Pentecostal Mission to 1935.

Geordan Hammond is Senior Lecturer in Church History and Wesley Studies at Nazarene Theological College, Manchester, and Director of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre. He is the author of John Wesley in America: Restoring Primitive Christianity and coeditor of the journal Wesley and Methodist Studies.

David Sang-Ehil Han is Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academics and Professor of Theology and Pentecostal Spirituality at Pentecostal Theological Seminary. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre and Publisher of Aldersgate Press.

"This is a book that contains well presented, expertly researched pieces that together make a real and distinct contribution to our appreciation of these different intersections from historical and theological perspectives. Advanced students and scholars working in this field will make it an essential reference point." -Mark J. Cartledge, The Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society "According to the editors, their objectives were to provide readers with a work that was interdisciplinary and global in scope, and that demonstrates the ways in which these two movements are intertwined. They have delivered on this promise and produced a work that is highly suitable for those undergoing study in Pentecostal or Holiness seminaries." -Andrea Shan Johnson, Reading Religion "This is a rich and fascinating collection of essays that offers a variety of historical and theological insights, the fruit of closer academic cooperation between two traditions with deep Wesleyan roots to the benefit of both." -Tim Woolley, Wesley and Methodist Studies "The essays in this significant, well-researched volume make a valuable contribution to our understanding of the complex relations between Radical Holiness and Pentecostalism from both historical and theological perspectives. They cover a well-selected range of individuals, institutions, and ideas; they address key themes, such as gender, ethnicity, technologies, and mobilities; and they are dependably attentive to social, cultural, and economic contexts. Those working in this field will be grateful for such an authoritative collection." -John Maiden, The Open University "The essays within this collection are thematically connected, insightfully written, and contextually responsible. By utilizing various methodologies, new perspectives are brought forth on current and past social issues, and through reconfiguring the interlocutors, new light is shed on standing themes of interest. This interdisciplinary volume signals the importance of this new series, highly recommended for scholars and students." -Kenneth J. Archer, author of The Gospel Revisited: Towards a Pentecostal Theology of Worship and Witness "A landmark study in not only Holiness and Pentecostal historiography, but the historiography of global Christianity itself." -William Kostlevy, Wesleyan Theological Journal

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