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SCM Studyguide: Church History

SCM Studyguide: Church History

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334046455
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 30/08/2013
Width: 17.2 cm
Height: 23.4 cm

The SCM Studyguide: Church History introduces students of theology and history to the ways the Church has evolved in its corporate life since its birth in the first century. 

This student-friendly and accessible textbook gives special attention to studying the Church's changing relationship and interaction with the surrounding societies in which it has existed. 

Sacraments, places of worship, authority in the Church and mission are examined at each period. 

Preface ix

1 Studying Church History 

Why Study Church History?  

How to Study Church History? 

This Studyguide  

A Framework 

2 The Apostolic Church: Meeting or Community? 

Birth in Jerusalem 

Common Life  

Division and Expansion  

Self-understanding: Ekklesia 

3 The Hellenistic Church: Sect or Association? 

Into the Hellenistic World 

Persecution and Devotion 

Right Believing  

Self-understanding: From Ignatius to Cyprian 

4 From Constantine to Byzantium: A State Church?

The Fourth-Century Revolution  

The Establishing of the Church  

The Rise of Monasticism  

Self-understanding: Augustine’s Two Cities 

5 The Rise of the Western Church: Tribal or Catholic? 

From the Sixth to the Ninth Century: Germanic Tribes and  the Rise of Islam  

Monasticism: Benedict and the Celts 75 Roman Christianity from Gregory to Charlemagne 

Self-understanding: Bede on the Synod of Whitby 

6 Medieval Catholicism: Papal or Monastic? 

Papal Power Struggles between the Tenth and  Thirteenth Centuries  

Monasticism: From Cluny to the Cistercians  

Renouncing Wealth: The Franciscan and Dominican Friars  

Self-understanding: Aquinas on Princely Government 

7 Reformation Churches: Monarchical or  Congregational? 

The Weakening of the Papacy after 1300  

Luther’s Reformation  

Loyola and Tridentine Catholicism  

Self-understanding: Church as ‘Congregation’ 

8 Churches of the Enlightenment: Communal or  Voluntary? 

Reformed Protestantism and ‘the Elect’ 

Pietism and the Rise of Feeling in Religion  

Enlightenment and Revolution!  

Self-understanding: Schleiermacher’s Writings

9 Churches in the Modern Era: Communities or Cells? 

Ultramontanist Roman Catholicism  

Protestantism’s Growing Diversity 

Serving the Needs of the World  

Self-understanding: Moltmann on ‘Grass-roots  Communities’ 

10 Local Church History 

Stephen Spencer

Dr Stephen Spencer is Vice Principal of Yorkshire Ministry Course. He has extensive experience as a theological educator and parish priest and is the author of the SCM Studyguides for Anglicanism, Christian Mission and Church History.

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