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Companion to the Old Testament

Introduction, Interpretation, Application

Companion to the Old Testament

Introduction, Interpretation, Application

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334053934
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 31/10/2016
Width: 15.6 cm
Height: 23.4 cm

This companion provides intelligent enrichment for encounters with the Old Testament, the first part ofthe Christian Bible. There are chapters on its five main sections: the Pentateuch, the Historical Books, Poetryand Wisdom, the Prophets, and the Apocrypha.

Each of the core chapters covers three areas:

*An introduction to the general significance of each section in its ancient context.

*A survey of major ways these sacred texts have been interpreted in the global history of Christianity

*Suggestions for how its texts apply to Christian ministry and mission today

These areas are often treated separately by scholars, but this companion usefully offers an integrated overview of these areas that will inform and inspire, and serve the interests and needs of students and general readers alike.


1 Pentateuch – Hywel Clifford

2 Historical Books – Douglas Earl

3 Poetry and Wisdom – Ryan P. O’Dowd

4 Prophetic Books – Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer

5 Apocrypha – Hywel Clifford


Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer

Hywel Clifford, Douglas Earl, Ryan P. O'Dowd

Hywel Clifford, is Senior Tutor and Lecturer in Old Testament at Ripon College Cuddesdon.

"An excellent new resource for Old Testament studies. Written from an avowedly Christian perspective, the Companion surveys the history of interpretation of each major section of the Old Testament in the patristic, mediaeval, Reformation, and modern periods, and then turns to a global perspective and the use of the OT in ministry and mission. Accessible as well as learned, and with up-to-date and comprehensive advice on further reading." -- John Barton, Oriel and Laing Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture, Emeritus at Oxford University and Emeritus Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford.

"The chapters cover exactly what modern scholars want to teach in their classes: precisely the right intellectual enrichment, a good dose of how Scripture was received in the Christian tradition, and fine examples of how the Old Testament can be relevant in today's world." -- Kristin De Troyer, University of Salzburg, Austria, and University of St Andrews, UK

"How was the Old Testament interpreted by Christians through the ages ? How can it impact ministry and mission today ? At last a book which focusses on these major questions, answering them clearly and at length, in a refreshing approach that will both enlighten students and help professors to renew their own teaching. I am impressed by this tour de force." -- Matthieu Richelle, Faculté de théologie évangélique in Vaux-sur-Seine, France


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