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Preaching Radical and Orthodox

Preaching Radical and Orthodox

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334056416
Number of Pages: 144
Published: 31/10/2017
Width: 15.6 cm
Height: 23.4 cm

Since its beginning in the 1990s, Radical Orthodoxy has become perhaps the most influential, and certainly the most controversial, movement in contemporary theology.

This book offers an introduction to the Radical Orthodox sensibility through sermons preached by some of its most notable proponents, including Stanley Hauerwas, Catherine Pickstock and Graham Ward.

Accessible, challenging and varied, the sermons together help to suggest what Radical Orthodoxy might mean in practice.

Table of Contetnts

I. Reclaiming Time: Advent

II. Preaching Paradox: Christmas to Candlemas 

III. Unfolding the Story: Lent to Easter Sunday 

IV. Real Resurrection: Eastertide to Trinity Sunday 

V. For the Time Being: Trinity Season and Christian Lives 

Contributors ix

Introduction 1


I. Reclaiming Time: Advent

Lifting the Veil on the World Ian Boxall 11

The Christ Who is Coming Arabella Milbank 15

Waiting and Birthing Kirsten Pinto Gfroerer 19


II. Preaching Paradox: Christmas to Candlemas

Nativity: Words and the Word Alison Milbank 27

Epiphany: Surprised by Joy Alison Milbank 30

Music and What Matters Most Andrew Davison 33

Christ’s Baptism: The Cold Water of Baptism

Joseph Vnuk 37

Amiably Drawn Edmund Newey 41

Conversion of St Paul: The Road to Insight

Silvianne Aspray 45

Christian Unity: Splendour with no Bounds

Martin Warner 49

St Thomas Aquinas: Beatific Theology

Jeffrey Phillips 52

Presentation of Christ: Out of the Dark Time

John Milbank 56


III. Unfolding the Story: Lent to Easter Sunday

Ash Wednesday: On Being Dust Anthony Baker 63

Living in the Rhythm of Worship David Moss 67

God and Nature David Neaum 72

Passion Sunday: A Wondrous Exchange

Rachel Greene 76

Palm Sunday: Inside the Story

Melanie Marshall 80

Maundy Thursday: Food Enough to Triumph

Jeffrey P. Bishop 82

Good Friday: Passionate Actions

John Muddiman 87

Easter Sunday: Death’s Name for Love is Resurrection

David Widdicombe 92


IV. Real Resurrection: Eastertide to Trinity Sunday

Disturbing Faith Ruth Jackson 99

Being Witnesses Peter Groves 104

Heaven is Other People Jeremy Morris 108

Love is the only Politics that Matters

Matthew Bullimore 112

The Tangled Vine Jennifer Strawbridge 117

Ascension: Becoming Heaven-bent

Simone Kotva 121

St Philip and St James: Love’s Labour

Graham Ward 126

Pentecost: Language of Joy John Inge 129

Trinity: Finding Ourselves in the Trinity

Alison Milbank 134


V. For the Time Being: Trinity Season and Christian Lives

Corpus Christi: Consume and be Consumed

Gregory Platten 141

The Sound of Silence Stanley Hauerwas 145

St Mary Magdalene: Witness to the Depths of God

Stephen Conway 151

Transfiguration: The Beauty in the Ugliness

John Hughes 156

Assumption: Mary, Battered and Glorious Vessel

Melanie Marshall 160

Challenging Christians? Fergus Kerr 164

Michaelmas: I Believe in Angels

Robert Chapman 168

Lord of the Harvest Michael Northcott 171

Dedication Festival: The Feast of You and Me

Richard Stanton 176

Holy Fear, Holy Play Frances Ward 181

Remembrance: Remembering Well

Philip Krinks 186

Baptism: Higher than the Angels John Hughes 189

Confirmation: Divine Athletes Stephen Platten 192

Confirmation: God’s Designer Label

Nigel Peyton 195

Marriage: The Abundant Economy

Simon Oliver 198

Ordination: Are You Real? Anna Matthews 202

First Mass: Overlapping Gifts

Catherine Pickstock 206

Funeral: Repeating Ourselves James Robinson 211

Further Reading 214

Alison Milbank, John Hughes, Arabella Milbank

Alison Milbank is Associate Professor of Literature and Theology at the University of Nottingham, and Canon Theologian of Southwell Minster. John Hughes was Dean of Chapel of Jesus College Cambridge, and one of the Church of England’s most promising theologians until his death in 2014. Arabella Milbank is an ordinand at Westcott House and is completing her postgraduate studies in English and Theology at the University of Cambridge.

"Those who know only the austere and abrasive dimension of Radical Orthodoxy’s reputation will find here food to make their soul grow and an invitation to participate in nothing less than the life of God. Those who believe the word is a sacrament will find themselves worshipping through this book. Those who don’t will need to think again." -- Sam Wells, Vicar, St Martin-in-the-Fields, London

"This collection of sermons delivered by representatives of different ecclesial traditions show-cases the art of homiletics. The ideas are expressed in edifying language and the sentences are crafted with due attention given to their rhythm so that the congregation is offered some ideas for reflection that are not only true and good but beautiful as well." -- Tracey Rowland, University of Notre Dame (Australia) and International Theological Commission

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