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Confronting Religious Violence

A Counternarrative

Confronting Religious Violence

A Counternarrative

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN-13: 9780334057130
Published: 28/09/2018

In Confronting Religious Violence, twelve international experts from a variety of theological, philosophical, and scientific fields address the issue of religious violence in today's world.

The first part of the book focuses on the historical rise of religious conflict, beginning with the question of whether the New Testament leads to supersessionism, and looks at the growth of anti-Semitism in the later Roman Empire.

The second part comprises field-report studies of xenophobia, radicalism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia surrounding the conflicts in the Middle East.

The third part reflects on moral, philosophical, legal, and evolutionary influences on religious freedom and how they harm or help the advancement of peace.

The final part of the volume turns to theological reflections, discussing monotheism, nationalism, the perpetuation of violence, the role of mercy laws and freedom in combating hate, and practical approaches to dealing with pluralism in theological education.

Edited by Richard Burridge and Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Confronting Religious Violence contains insights from international experts that form essential reading for politicians, diplomats, business leaders, academics, theologians, church and faith leaders, commentators, and military strategists - anyone concerned with a harmonious future for human life together on this planet.


Foreword - Heather Templeton Dill



Introduction - Richard A. Burridge and Jonathan Sacks

Setting the Scene

1. The Stories We Tell  - Jonathan Sacks

Part I: Biblical and Classical Background

2. (Re-) Reading the New Testament in the Light of Sibling Rivalry: Some Hermeneutical Implications for Today - Richard A. Burridge

3. Open Religion and Its Enemies - Guy G. Stroumsa

Part II: Reflections from the Front Line

4. Radical Encounters: Climate Change and Religious Conflict in Africa -  Eliza Griswold

5. Empathy as Policy in the Age of Hatred - Amineh A. Hoti

6. Devoted Actors in an Age of Rage: Social Science on the ISIS Front Line and Elsewhere - Scott Atran

Part III: Moral, Philosophical, and Scientific Reflections

7. Religious Freedom and Human Flourishing - Robert P. George

8. Compassionate Reason: The Most Important Cultural and Religious Capacity for a Peaceful Future - Marc Gopin

9. The Superorganism Concept and Human Groups: Implications for Confronting Religious Violence - David Sloan Wilson

Part IV: Theological Reflections

10. Monotheism, Nationalism, Violence: Twenty-Five Theses - Miroslav Volf

11. Countering Religious, Moral, and Political Hate-Preaching:  A Culture of Mercy and Freedom against the Barbarism of Hate - Michael Welker

12. Between Urgency and Understanding: Practical Imperatives in Theological Education - William Storrar

Concluding Reflections - Jonathan Sacks


Richard A. Burridge, Jonathan Sacks, Megan Warner

Richard Alan Burridge is the dean of King’s College London and has held a personal Chair in Biblical Interpretation at King’s since 2008. Jonathan Sacks is a philosopher and a scholar of Judaism, served as Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth for twenty-two years.

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