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Sabbath Rest

The Beauty of God's Rhythm for a Digital Age

Sabbath Rest

The Beauty of God's Rhythm for a Digital Age

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Paperback / softback



Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334058069
Number of Pages: 128
Published: 30/04/2019
Width: 13.5 cm
Height: 21.6 cm

Why is sabbath so critical for the life of faith? And where does sabbath rest fit into a restless, `always-on' society? Sabbath Rest considers the theological foundations of Christian sabbath-keeping, in first and second temple Judaism, New Testament Christianity and in the early church.

Exploring the biblical commandments and stories around the sabbath, Mark Scarlata connects the principles of sabbath rest to the demands and challenges of our modern technological and consumer society.

Preface ix

1. The Beauty of the Sabbath 1

2. The Beauty of Creation 36

3. The Beauty of Liberation 61

4. The Rhythm of Grace and Trust 85

5. The Sabbath Community 104

Works Cited 123

Index of Scripture References 126

Mark Scarlata

Revd Dr Mark W. Scarlata is Tutor and Lecturer in Old Testament Studies at St Mellitus College, London.

"Mark Scarlata is offering us something beautiful. By practising Sabbath, we find more than respite from work, but a way to infuse our work with peace and expectation. We not only follow the pattern of our creator, but experience a foretaste of our redemption. I encourage you to let him help you disconnect from the noise of our 24/7 lifestyle and connect afresh to the symphony of salvation." -- Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London

'Taking the position of one exploring the possibilities of Sabbath, Mark Scarlata opens up what it means to see it as a gift from God which is best understood as an expression of beauty. This beauty challenges the individualism and endless work of the digital age to show how Sabbath can help believers see the world differently, and through this model a different way of being. This is a fruitful and accessible study which poses important questions for the church today, and yet also demonstrates wisdom in showing how it might live out the gift of Sabbath.' -- David Firth, Trinity College Bristol

'Mark Scarlata explores the meaning of Sabbath rest in the Bible and as it was practiced in the days of Jesus. How can the beauty and religious inspiration of the Sabbath be recaptured today by Christians? Drawing from Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel’s understanding of Sabbath as an opportunity to become attuned to the holiness of time – and life itself – Scarlata demonstrates how Christians as well as Jews might observe the Sabbath and its sanctity with their families and communities.' -- Susannah Heschel, Eli Black Professor of Jewish Studies, Dartmouth College, USA

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