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Austin Farrer for Today

A Prophetic Agenda

Austin Farrer for Today

A Prophetic Agenda

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Paperback / softback


Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334059448
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 30/09/2020
Width: 13.5 cm
Height: 21.6 cm

Austin Farrer is often called the one genius the Church of England produced in the 20th Century. His innovative ideas crossed a host of theological disciplines.

Assessing his continuing importance and introducing him to a new generation of readers, Austin Farrer for Today brings together a stellar collection of writers to reflect on Farrer’s contribution to biblical theology, philosophy, language, doctrine, prayer and preaching.

Chapters include:

•Rowan Williams on Farrer as a doctrinal theologian

•Morwenna Ludlow on Farrer's language and symbolism

•Jane Shaw on Farrer as preacher

•John Barton, on typology in Farrer

Acknowledgements ix

List of Contributors xi

Introduction Richard Harries 1

Biblical Theology

1. Austin Farrer and Typology 13 John Barton 

2. Farrer on Q 24 Mark Goodacre 

3. Farrer on Paul 37 Jennifer R. Strawbridge


4. Farrer’s Relevance for Contemporary Philosophical Theology 53 Margaret Yee 

5. Providence and the Problem of Evil in Farrer’s Love Almighty and Ills Unlimited 70 Leigh Vicens 

6. ‘The Evidence of Faith’: Austin Farrer, Diogenes Allen and Reformed Epistemology 84 Robert MacSwain 

7. Farrer’s Theism: Finite and Infinite 98 Paul DeHart

Language and Symbolism

8. Through a Glass? Farrer, Coleridge and Revelation 113 Stephen Platten 

9. Language and Symbolism: Austin Farrer Meets Gregory of Nazianzus 127 Morwenna Ludlow


10. ‘A Society of Two’? Austin Farrer on the Trinity 141 Rowan Williams 

11. Farrer on the Atonement 154 Richard Harries 

12. Theosis, Godmanhood and Double Agency: Berdyaev, Farrer and the Divine-Human Relationship 164 Gregory Platten

Prayer and Preaching

13. Farrer, the Oxford Preacher 183 Jane Shaw 

14. Until Their Hunger Is Their Mind: Farrer’s Theology  of the Eucharist 196 Jeffrey Vogel

Farrer and the Future

A Prophetic Influence: Concluding Reflections 209 Stephen Platten

Bibliography of Works by or Related to Austin Farrer 219 

Author Index 236 

Subject Index 239

Richard Harries, Stephen Platten, Rowan Williams

Richard Harries is the former Bishop of Oxford, and served as Gresham Professor of Divinity between 2008 and 2012. He is the author of many books including The Beauty and the Horror (2017) and Haunted by Christ (2018). Stephen Platten is the former Bishop of Wakefield. Recent books include 'Animating Liturgy'.

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