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Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
ISBN: 9780567679796
Number of Pages: 640
Published: 02/12/2021
Width: 16.9 cm
Height: 24.4 cm
Food and feasting are key themes in the Hebrew Bible and the culture it represents. The contributors to this handbook draw on a multitude of disciplines to offer an overview of food in the Hebrew Bible and ancient Israel. Archaeological materials from biblical lands, along with the recent interest in ethnographic data, a new focus in anthropology, and emerging technologies provide valuable information about ancient foodways. The contributors examine not only the textual materials of the Hebrew Bible and related epigraphic works, but also engage in a wider archaeological, environmental, and historical understanding of ancient Israel as it pertains to food. Divided into five parts, this handbook examines and considers environmental and socio-economic issues such as climate and trade, the production of raw materials, and the technology of harvesting and food processing. The cultural role of food and meals in festivals, holidays, and biblical regulations is also discussed, as is the way food and drink are treated in biblical texts, in related epigraphic materials, and in iconography.

Dr Janling Fu (Harvard University, USA), Professor Cynthia Shafer-Elliott (William Jessup University, USA), Professor Carol Meyers (Duke University, USA)

Janling Fu is Preceptor in Expository Writing at Harvard University, USA. Cynthia Shafer-Elliott is Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible and Archaeology at William Jessup University, USA. Carol Meyers is the Mary Grace Wilson Professor Emerita of Religious Studies at Duke University, USA.

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