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Paperback / softback


Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
ISBN: 9780567682901
Number of Pages: 896
Published: 22/09/2022
Width: 16.9 cm
Height: 24.4 cm
Surveying theological literature produced in the Christian East from the first through the 20th century, Eastern Christianity in its Texts explores different theological themes (analytical and mystical), genres (epistles, treatises, and poetry), and milieux (Greek, Armenian, Western and Eastern Syriac, Russian and Romanian). The book illustrates the evolution of the Orthodox thought, how it influenced and was influenced by intellectual, social, and political environments. It demonstrates a theology in context, and yet displays consistency in the traditions spread through different epochs and countries. The book is divided in five parts, each standing for an epoch with distinct features: formation of the Christian identity in the era before Constantine, golden age of theology in the period of Late Antiquity, the pinnacle of erudism and mysticism in the eastern Middle Ages, wrestling with the Modernity imported from the West in the 18th-19th centuries, and finally theological polyphony in the 20th century.

Professor Cyril Hovorun (University College Stockholm, Sweden.)

Cyril Hovorun is Professor at University College Stockholm, Sweden.

This is a hugely ambitious work that seeks to capture the heart of Eastern Christian theology by breaking the inappropriate models in which it is usually presented. Through an original reading of an amazing variety of texts, presented in several contexts that crisscross the centuries, Dr Hovorun achieves unique insights into an Eastern Orthodox theology 'come of age'. -- Andrew Louth, Durham University, UK A massive collection of texts pertaining to a comprehensive array of themes illustrating the lived experience and theological reflection of Eastern Christians from the beginning to the modern period, together with incisive and illuminating analysis. Not only is this volume unparalleled as a sourcebook, but through his commentary, Dr. Hovorun shows how these texts can speak to us today. -- John Behr, University of Aberdeen, UK With the help of the classical notion of categories, Cyril Hovorun has managed to draw together the voices of Eastern Christian tradition through time and space into an orchestra, arranging each voice so that it contributes to a symphony while retaining its uniqueness. Unshackled by a strict historical as well as a strict systematic approach, he has managed to offer a unique and richly annotated survey of selected gems from a rich but largely unknown tradition. -- Samuel Rubenson, University College Stockholm, Sweden

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