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Paperback / softback


Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
ISBN: 9780567683403
Number of Pages: 368
Published: 23/02/2023
Width: 16.9 cm
Height: 24.4 cm
This reader shows why Edward Schillebeeckx remains one of the most influential Catholic theologians of the 20th century. Spanning more than half a century and including several texts that appear in English for the first time, it enables students to understand how Edward Schillebeeckx’s thought resonates with current debates in theology, for instance on ecology and secularization. T&T Clark Reader in Edward Schillebeeckx includes selections from both pre- and post-Conciliar texts that illustrate the evolution in Schillebeeckx’s thought, while also pointing towards the deep underlying continuity which comes from his essential commitment to his faith. His Christological Trilogy, which was a touchstone for doctrinal controversy and methodological progress, is represented here, as well as important works on ministry, the sacraments, hermeneutics, secularization, and the environment. These complex theological topics are broken down in every chapter with the help of explanatory notes, discussion questions and further reading suggestions. This reader is an essential resource which will enable students to contextualize and unpack the rich layers within Schillebeeckx’s theology.

Dr Stephan van Erp (KU Leuven, Belgium), Daniel Minch (University of Graz, Austria)

Stephan van Erp is Professor of Fundamental Theology at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, KU Leuven, Belgium. He is the coordinator of the Research Unit Systematic Theology and the Study of Religions, the Managing Editor of Tijdschrift voor Theologie, and editor of T&T Clark Studies in Edward Schillebeeckx. Daniel Minch is Assistant Professor in Dogmatic Theology at the Institute of Systematic and Liturgical Studies, University of Graz, Austria. Minch's current research interests include economy, political theology, theological hermeneutics, theologies of hope, and eschatology.

Purposefully organized and lucidly introduced, this collection of key essays by Edward Schillebeeckx is an invaluable theological cartography for a new generation of scholars navigating through current "contrast experiences" in the World Church. Certainly, the volume is essential reading for courses on Schillebeeckx and his enduring relevance. -- Antonio D. Sison, Catholic Theological Union, USA The new Schillebeeckx Reader is "the frosting on the cake!" Essential selections from the works of a path-breaking 20thc. theological mind, with just the right cross-references, and smart introductions from a new generation of scholars-widen the scope of Schillebeeckx's relevance for the 21st century-and beyond! A truly monumental work! -- Mary Ann Hinsdale, Boston College, USA The vast scope of Edward Schillebeeckx's monumental opus is thoughtfully and carefully represented in this Reader. What a gift to Schillebeeckx scholars, as well as anyone interested in post-Vatican II Catholic theology! -- Susan Ross, Loyola University Chicago, USA This volume provides a marvelous resource for all who seek to explore the groundbreaking contributions of Edward Schillebeeckx to Catholic and ecumenical theology in the twentieth century-- and beyond. Drawn from the entire corpus of Schillebeeckx's writings, this selection of texts is an essential work for scholars and libraries. At the same time, it provides the most recent one-volume introduction to the extensive writings of a theologian who once described his goal as a theologian as that of presenting the heart of the gospel in a credible way to others-even believers in crisis. Highly recommended! -- Mary Catherine Hilkert, University of Notre Dame, USA

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