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Paperback / softback


Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
ISBN: 9780567686718
Number of Pages: 232
Published: 14/01/2021
Width: 15.6 cm
Height: 23.4 cm
This textbook explores the Lutheran theological tradition. Kirsi Stjerna looks at Lutheran sources, vocabulary and focal points through the lens of the Augsburg Confession and the Large Catechism, developing a distinctive Lutheran faith language that resonates with contemporary contexts and inquirers. Lutheran Theology gives students the tools they need to understand Lutheran perspectives in the light of historical sources, to see the underlying motivations of past theological discourses and to apply this knowledge to current debates. Introducing the Book of Concord and Martin Luther’s freedom theology, it shows them how to engage critically and constructively with key topics in theology and spirituality, such as freedom and confession. Stjerna pays particular attention to the contribution of women theologians, and empowers students to bring Lutheran theology into conversation with other faith languages and traditions. This textbook includes an extensive range of pedagogical features: - A discussion guide for each chapter - Chapter-specific learning objectives - Key terms in bold, boxed text sections that identify points of debate, discussion of central topics, study questions and a glossary

Professor Kirsi Stjerna (Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, California Lutheran University, USA)

Kirsi Stjerna is Professor of Lutheran History and Theology at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkeley, of California Lutheran University, USA.

The book is student and novice friendly. The sections are short, quickly readable and digestible. Therefore, the book is useful to faculty, clergy, adult education leaders, and individual readers ... This book is a fine introduction or review of the key elements of Lutheran theology with the important goal that such learning will be followed by continued constructive theological and ethical thinking. * Journal of Lutheran Ethics * What a pertinent introduction to Lutheran theology! Without ignoring the difficulties, Kirsi Stjerna invites us to see the contemporary relevance of Lutheran theology and its focus on the freedom of a Christian. Here is a helpful, open and constructive introduction to the resources of Lutheran theology. -- Jan-Olav Henriksen, Professor of Systematic Theology, MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion, and Society, Norway In this engaging introduction to Lutheran theology by way of the Book of Concord, Kirsi Stjerna successfully shows how Lutheran theology is, at its heart, a freedom theology with ongoing relevance for Christians and communities of faith across the globe. Stjerna takes us back to the debates and tensions of 16th century Lutherans and deftly shows they influenced the formulations of the texts within the Book of Concord. At the same time, she helps readers understand the global reach and reception of a Lutheran theology of freedom and its ability to speak to contemporary challenges of ecological devastation and gender justice. A delightful, teachable text! -- Deanna A. Thompson, St. Olaf College, USA With this fine book on Lutheran Theology, Dr. Stjerna again demonstrates her ability of pedagogically and magnificently communicating what is the very core of Luther's reformatory thoughts. Stjerna introduces the less in-read students of theology to the essential Luther issues on the basis of primarily CA in such a profound and actualized way that hardly any stone is left untouched, and that in the most intoxicatingly inspiring way. -- Else Marie Wiberg Pedersen, University of Aarhus, Denmark With crystal clarity and shining insight, Kirsi Stjerna invites readers to explore the heart of Luther-an theology as freedom theology - a world-transforming, life-giving claim that the God of infinite and tender love frees us to dwell in that love and to bear it into the world as liberating love for neighbor and self. Stjerna's compassionate yet critical engagement with faith forebearers guides readers in the enthralling arts of theological time-travel with one clear intent - to offer Luther-an theology as a liberating and healing force in life today. This book is a feast to be savored by current and future leaders of the church, newcomers and long-term inhabitants of Lutheran traditions, and travelers in other branches of Christianity who are eager to taste the impulse of freedom and of justice-seeking, self-honoring neighbor-love that Luther unearthed and propelled into the world. Luther would be delighted! -- Cynthia D. Moe-Lobeda, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary of California Lutheran University, USA This book is a gem that I wish was written a long time ago: Stjerna braids together the meticulousness of a historian with the acumen of a constructive theologian to offer us an intrepid study of what is worth cherishing and nourishing in the Lutheran tradition and what needs to be left behind in repentance. Nuanced content blends with pedagogical expertise to render this volume the text of choice for introducing 21st century students to the Lutheran tradition as well as enrich congregations large and small to explore their faith tradition in discerning and transformative ways. -- Kristine Suna-Koro, Associate Professor, Xavier University, USA

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