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Publisher: Michael Glazier Inc
ISBN: 9780814681749
Number of Pages: 232
Published: 15/12/2017
Width: 15.2 cm
Height: 22.9 cm

Ephesians is a “mystery” text that seeks to make known the multifarious Wisdom of God. At its heart is the question of power. In this commentary, Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza examines the political understandings of ekkl­esia and household in Ephesians as well as the roles that such understandings have played in the formation of early Christian communities and that still shape such communities today. By paying close attention to the function of androcentric biblical language within Ephesians, Schüssler Fiorenza engages in a critical feminist emancipatory approach to biblical interpretation that calls for conscientization and change, that is, for the sake of wo/men’s salvation or wellbeing.

Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, Barbara E. Reid, Linda M. Maloney

Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Krister Stendahl Professor at Harvard University Divinity School, is an internationally known biblical scholar and path-breaking feminist intellectual. She has done pioneering work in biblical interpretation and feminist theology.

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