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Esther Through the Centuries

Esther Through the Centuries

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Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
ISBN: 9781405132138
Number of Pages: 322
Published: 18/12/2007
Width: 16.1 cm
Height: 23.6 cm
This interdisciplinary commentary ranges from early midrashic interpretation to contemporary rewritings introducing interpretations of the only biblical book not to mention God.
  • Unearths a wealth of neglected rewritings inspired by the story’s relevance to themes of nationhood, rebellion, providence, revenge, female heroism, Jewish identity, exile, genocide and ‘multiculturalism’
  • Reveals the various struggles and strategies used by religious commentators to make sense of this only biblical book that does not mention God
  • Asks why Esther is underestimated by contemporary feminist scholars despite a long history of subversive rewritings
  • Compares the most influential Jewish and Christian interpretations and interpreters
  • Includes an introduction to the book’s myriad representations in literature, music, and art
  • Published in the reception-history series, Blackwell Bible Commentaries

Jo Carruthers (University of Bristol, UK)

Jo Carruthers is RCUK Academic Fellow at the University of Bristol working across the disciplines of Religious and Literary Studies. She has published on Esther as well as the reception of the Bible in literary and nationalist contexts.

"The author digs up literary echoes and poetic versions of the biblical book of Esther.... This important scholarly resource originated as a PhD thesis in the University of Manchester. It is to be hoped the PhD students can be interested in doing similar research, producing studies as valuable as the present one." (International Review of Biblical Studies, 2007-2008) "This book can be highly recommended. It provides a fascinating glimpse of how the Bible has shaped ... The ideals of society throughout history." (Expository Times, November 2008) "Carruthers looks at the reception of the text in detail, but also has an introduction to different ways of viewing the biblical book." (Church Times, October 2008)

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