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Why Aren’t You Thriving?

A Man’s Guide to Asking Tough Questions and Getting Better in 7 Core Areas

Why Aren’t You Thriving?

A Man’s Guide to Asking Tough Questions and Getting Better in 7 Core Areas

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Paperback / softback


Publisher: Morgan James Publishing llc
ISBN: 9781631959417
Number of Pages: 200
Published: 09/02/2023
Width: 12.7 cm
Height: 20.3 cm

A “choose your own adventure” for personal growth! 

When most men are asked about their lives—peeling back the layers of church, sports, work, and hobbies to what matters to their core—they’ll likely admit that something’s missing. 

Sam Feeney reached a “good enough” level of living, with a great family, nice house, and good job, only to find that he was seeking something more. He shares his journey to find personal satisfaction and growth within Why Aren’t You Thriving?

Sam Feeney has identified 7 Core Areas where men have the opportunity to live more fully: Faith, Identity, Mission, Career, Health, Relationships, and Finances. His podcast, Made to Thrive, interviews men who are excelling in at least one of those areas, asking them 5 Big Questions: 

  • Why aren’t more men thriving? What’s holding them back? 
  • When weren’t you thriving? What changed? What keeps you thriving? 
  • What does it look like to thrive? 
  • What tools, resources, strategies do you recommend? 
  • What encouragement do you have for men who want to thrive?

These interviews helped Sam realize the three main reasons men are not only dissatisfied with life, but missing out on the influence they could be having on the world around them. He invites men to join him in discovering how to thrive in all 7 Core Areas, by identifying which are holding them back, why, and how they can begin a virtuous cycle of improvement and impact.

“At a time when being pro-guy is pretty uncommon or even unpopular, this book not only assumes that men should be thriving as God created, but gives us a roadmap to do just that. I challenge you to ask yourself this tough question and use the tools in this book to build the exciting life God destined you to live!”-David Benham, best-selling author and nationally-acclaimed entrepreneur

“As an elite men's coach, I help Christian husbands, dads & business owners ‘blow up rocks’ in their heads, targeting the lies and false beliefs that are holding them back from really living. The Why Aren't You Thriving? assessment is a great first step to identifying the rocks that are keeping you from thriving in your life. If you want to thrive, read Sam's book now.”-Joseph Warren, Elite Men's Coach at BlowUpRocks.com and host of #1 podcast Broken Catholic

Sam Feeney, Aaron Walker

Sam Feeney is a husband and a father of five with years of counseling and coaching people of all ages. His podcast, Made to Thrive, features conversations about a variety of men’s issues, including how to experience life more fully in the 7 Core Areas of faith, identity, mission, career, health, relationships, and finances. Sam’s coaching resource, MadeToThrive.coach, encourages, equips, and empowers men to create lives of meaning for themselves and for those around them. Sam and his family live in suburban Denver. 

"Rousing. Insightful. Empowering. Sam's perspective in this book will challenge your mind and stir your soul to an even higher level of thriving!"-Dr. Jarrod Spencer, sports psychologist and author of Mind of the Athlete: Clearer Mind, Better Performance "When I help people create online businesses, there's one thing that holds back more people than anything else: wondering if they can do it. I loved tackling this topic with Sam in the Mission chapter of Why Aren't You Thriving?. His approach to helping men show up in all areas of their lives is honest, accessible, and actionable. Get this book and flip your life!"-Shane Sams, CEO & Founder of FlippedLifestyle.com "The most common question I get from my success coaching clients is, 'Can I really do it all? Can I perform at a high level in my marriage, my career, and my health?' It's understandable to have doubts because most people aren't. BUT... there's good news. If you're equipped with the tools, stories, and strategies that Sam provides in this power-packed book, you'll be able to THRIVE in the most important areas in your life! I encourage you to dig in and discover how to start thriving today."-Mitch Matthews, Success Coach and Founder of the Dream Think Do Podcast "Sam's book reminds us that God did not create us simply to survive, but to thrive, and we can only do that when we live integrated lives. As a husband, father, and psychologist, I used to see myself and my life as compartmentalized, fragmenting my identity and putting me in conflict with others. In Why Aren't You Thriving?, Sam does a great job of demonstrating how we can build our lives one success at a time until we're thriving in all core areas-and doing so with authenticity and integrity!"-Dr. Andy Garrett, psychologist; founder of the True North Blueprint; world's leading authority in the psychology of identity "Your life is the product of the questions you risk asking yourself. Sam asks a profoundly important question, then guides you step-by-step to the answers. If your life is good, but you're wondering if it could be great, move this book to the top of your stack."-Eric Nevins, Founder of Christian Podcasters Association "As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and High Performance Marriage Coach, I've seen it time and time again: Men have all the things they 'think' they should have, but they all feel like something is missing. Sam helps readers focus on what's missing and then gives guidelines and practical steps to fill the gaps that we all have felt. Grab this book and thank him later!"-T. Seth Studley M.S., LMFT; Speaker, Author, Podcaster, and Coach at AnatomyOfUs.com "Why Aren't You Thriving? is the challenge and encouragement that all men need. The questions in this book are tough, meaningful, and can help provide a waypoint as we continue to become the men that God has designed us to be. Step out of your comfort zone a bit and allow yourself to be challenged to thrive. You won't regret it."-Dr. Bryan Hendley, creator of The Purpose Project "Just reading the introduction I was struck with a lightning bolt of truth: if you want a better life, you must ask better questions. This book has the questions to help eliminate all your pain and problems."-Evan Money, Ph.D, happily married, #1 Bestselling Author & global entrepreneur. "Why Aren't You Thriving? is a challenge to any man who is looking for more from life. But instead of the posturing and posing that many gurus offer today, Sam invites us to join him on a journey and gives us the tools we need along the way."-Ryan James Miller, business consultant and performance coach, host of Authentic Conversations "I'm passionate about helping dads write their Legacy Letter, something they can pass on to their children. Why Aren't You Thriving? is a call to dads-and men of all ages-to start living that legacy right now... and even provides many of the examples that most men are missing!"-Blake Brewer, Founder of the Legacy Letter Challenge "John Piper said, 'Books don't change people: paragraphs do. Sometimes even sentences.' This book, because of the authentic and vulnerable contributions of so many individuals, is FULL of paragraphs and sentences that can change your life. You'll want to keep it as a field guide to remind you HOW to thrive as you move through the seasons of life." -Brian Robinson, bestselling author and host of the Real Faith Stories podcast "Sam has created a masterpiece with Why Aren't You Thriving?. Designed to help men reach their full potential at any point in time, he's done it and so much more. By targeting the desire every human has to become their best, and tying his vision to a practical approach, Sam helps men thrive. For anyone with a desire to thrive, this is a must-read!"-Femi Doyle-Marshall, Founder of RebootX Academy "In a world of 'good enough,' Sam offers us a roadmap for thriving. Why Aren't You Thriving? is just the beginning of the conversation; how it ends is up to you!"-Alex Demczak, Co-author of The Sale: The Number One Strategy to Build Trust and Create Success "I love working with dads who want to do better and be better for their families, but many of them aren't sure whether they have what it takes. Fortunately, Sam set out to learn how to thrive in all seven areas of life and has provided many of the answers in this book. You have what it takes. Read this book to find out how to do it!"-Cam Hall, Founder of Fight the Dad Bod and the Dads Making a Difference mastermind "What an insightful read that is much needed for men today! As a husband, father of five, and entrepreneur, Why Aren't You Thriving? spoke to me on many levels. This book will help remove blind spots and equip you with the clarity to thrive like never before. Well done, Sam!"-Jose Escobar, Founder & CEO of The Entrepreneur's Bookshelf

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