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Security for Holy Places

How to Build a Security Plan for Your Church, Synagogue, Mosque, or Temple

Security for Holy Places

How to Build a Security Plan for Your Church, Synagogue, Mosque, or Temple

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Paperback / softback


Publisher: Morgan James Publishing llc
ISBN: 9781642798517
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 10/09/2020
Width: 15.2 cm
Height: 22.8 cm
Security for Holy Places is the first comprehensive security guide for religious associations and organizations.

While focused on houses of worship (and schools and centers connected to them), the guide also provides important information on securing religious summer camps and its guidance can be used for any faith-based organization, senior center, day care, or school.

The book includes chapters on:

  • overall threat
  • types of weapons used by intruders
  • perimeter and inside security
  • where to get professional help
  • how to build a security plan
  • what to know when hiring guards
  • armed versus unarmed guards & volunteers
  • gun laws
  • mental health issues
  • how to use volunteers effectively to strengthen security
  • information on technology that can strengthen the protection of holy places and their immediate surroundings
  • security for day and overnight camps
  • guidance on how to organize security committees to strengthen security
  • checklists for congregations and camps to use immediately
  • Stephen D. Bryen, Rabbi Arnold E. Resnicoff

    Stephen David Bryen has 50 years of experience in government and industry. Currently, he is a Senior Fellow at the American Center for Democracy, a fellow of the Taiwan Institute for Economic, Social and Political Studies, and is on the Board of Directors of Il Nodo di Gordio, a think tank in Rome, Italy. In addition, Stephen is a senior advisor to Sussman Corporate Security. His extensive experience and high effectiveness earned him the highest civilian awards of the U.S. Defense Department on two occasions and established him as a proven government, civic and business leader in Washington D.C. and internationally. Stephen is the author of the Kindle book Essays in Technology, Security and Strategy, and the author of Technology Security and National Power: Winners and Losers which was published in 2016 by Transaction Publishers. He currently resides in Silver Spring, Maryland.

    Security for Holy Places," by Dr. Stephen Bryen. In this important book, Dr. Bryen hits it out of the park for a long awaited instructional for all holy places that are currently conditioned in fear by possibility of attacks by terrorists, racists, by deranged persons inspired by loose-mouthed politicians. No Rabbi leading a synagogue, no Priest or Minister responsible for keeping a church, no Nun responsible for care of a school building, no Imam caring for a mosque, and no big city or small town mayor should be without the information that this book provides. . . And given the great number of holy places in Europe and the Middle East, this book should be mandatory reading for every European and Middle East security official responsible for endurance of said holy sites. --Marvin Leibstone, Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret.). Editor and Publisher, World Affairs Notebook, former North America Editor in Chief, Military Technology Magazine and Nations Magazine.

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