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Faith, Hope and Love

Interfaith Engagement as Practical Theology

Faith, Hope and Love

Interfaith Engagement as Practical Theology

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334054597
Number of Pages: 160
Published: 30/09/2017
Width: 13.5 cm
Height: 21.6 cm

How do Christian interfaith practitioners live out their discipleship in a multi-faith world? And what, theologically, is being expressed in their activity?

Demonstrating a new and innovative approach to interfaith engagement, this book argues for theological reflection on the multi faith reality of our society to focus on the practice of Christian interfaith engagement, drawing on the tools of contemporary practical theology.

Ray Gaston draws on contemporary models of research in practical theology, such as auto ethnography, qualitative interviewing and analysis of spiritual journaling, to explore grassroots Christian engagement with other faiths and its impact upon Christian self-understanding.

Read the foreword by Elaine Graham

Part 1 Towards a Practical Theology of Interfaith Engagement 

1. Faith, Hope and Love – Pedagogy for Interfaith Engagement 

2. Beyond New Contestations – A Practical Theological Challenge to Particularists and Pluralists 

3. Interfaith Engagement, Non-Violence and the Way of Salvation 

Part 2 Challenging Islamophobia, Affirming Multiculturalism 

4. Challenging Islamophobia – A Practical Theological Reflection 

5. Rejoicing in the Truth – A Practical Theological Affirmation of Multiculturalism

Ray Gaston, .

Ray Gaston is Team Vicar of St Chad & St Marks in the Parish of Central Wolverhampton and Inter Faith Enabler for the Wolverhampton Episcopal Area and Advisor on Inter Faith relations to the Bishops of Wolverhampton and Lichfield. He is an Associate Tutor in Inter Faith Engagement at the Queens Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education in Birmingham and has served in parish ministry in multi faith areas in Leeds, Birmingham and Wolverhampton. He is author of 'A Heart Broken Open - Radical Faith in an Age of Fear' (2010) and a member of CTBI's Inter Faith Theological Advisory Group.

"Ray Gaston provides a timely and well-crafted encouragement to Christians who want to be involved in inter-faith work, or who are already involved but are unsure of the theological grounds for their involvement." -- Michael Ipgrave, Bishop of Lichfield

"In his creative use of narrative, plus critical reflections on Inter-faith theory and practice, Ray Gaston offers us an immensely intelligent and insightful text for the complex realities of our post Brexit age." -- Anthony Reddie, Extraordinary Professor, Theological Ethics, University of South Africa

"In this book Ray Gaston gives us his own personal and inspiring vision for thinking about a Christian relationship to people of other religions in a diverse world. His reflections on a practical theology of religions address new directions and reframe many of the academic debates, yet also show how the classical typology (exclusivisms-inclusivisms-pluralisms) can be used as a tool for guidance in understanding day to day encounters and worldviews. Highly recommended." -- Paul Hedges, Associate Professor in Interreligious Studies, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, NTU, Singapore.

"Ray Gaston’s faith shines through its pages (this is not a dry ‘academic’ abstract but penned from the perspective of someone who on a daily basis lives and ministers what he writes about); it gives me hope that in this time of hardening attitudes there is a vital role for interreligious engagement to play; and ‘the greatest of these’ is indeed love – I have realised more clearly than before that such engagement is not an optional extra for we who call ourselves Christians, but an expression of the vulnerable and kenotic love which lies at the very centre of our faith." -- Clare Amos, World Council of Churches 

‘In this challenging but accessible book Ray Gaston offers us a model of liberative practical theology that is capable of energising activists and earthing academics. Holding personal commitment and radical openness in balance Faith, Hope and Love provides important resources for all who seek to move from Babel to Pentecost and the fear of difference to its affirmation as a gift from God." -- Chris Shannahan, Research Fellow, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University 

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