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Kingdom Stories

Telling, Leading, Discerning

Kingdom Stories

Telling, Leading, Discerning

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Paperback / softback


Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334059028
Number of Pages: 176
Published: 30/04/2020
Width: 13.5 cm
Height: 21.6 cm

Stories are at the heart of how God's kingdom is revealed both in scripture and in contemporary church ministry. This volume draws on these kingdom stories to extend the conversation between practical theology and contemporary organizational studies.

Responding to the huge increase in interest in leadership and organisational theory as a means to understanding ministry, Vaughan S. Roberts shows how a more qualitative, story-led approach to thinking about leadership can offer a valuable perspective on ministry for both individuals and churches.

Watch Vaughan S. Roberts as he draws on kingdom stories to explore the conversation between practical theology and contemporary organisational studies.

Acknowledgements ix
Foreword by the Rt Revd Dr Christopher Cocksworth xi 

Introduction xiii

1 Kingdom Stories 1 

1 Introduction 1 

2 Storytelling 3 

3 Jesus and the kingdom 4 

4 A sculpted kingdom story 10 

5 A poetic kingdom story 12 

6 A cinematic kingdom story 14 

7 Churches and kingdom stories 16 

8 Kingdom stories: a preliminary summary 18

2 Jesus and Kingdom Stories 21 

1 Introduction 21 

2 Kingdom stories and risk (Jesus’ temptations) 23 

3 Kingdom stories and followership (The calling of the disciples) 30 

4 Kingdom stories and typologies (Parable of the farmer and the seed) 39 

5 Kingdom stories and authenticity (Who do you say that I am?) 46

6 Kingdom stories and purpose (The cost of building a tower and going to war) 52 

7 Kingdom stories, wisdom and meaning (Let anyone with ears listen) 58 

8 Kingdom stories and discipleship (Parable of the talents) 65 

9 Kingdom stories and trust (Jesus washes the disciples’ feet) 72 

10 Jesus and kingdom stories: conclusion 80

3 The Church and Kingdom Stories 83 

1 Introduction 83 

2 End of times and engaged eschatology 85 

3 End of life and engaged eschatology 93 

4 The Church and kingdom stories: conclusion 

4 One Kingdom Story in Detail 102 

1 Introduction 102 

2 What was the story? 104 

3 What were the outcomes? 106 

4 Why did this happen? 107 

5 What are the implications for ministry and story? 108 

6 One kingdom story in detail: conclusion 129

Conclusion: Storying the Kingdom 132 

1 A kingdom story 132 

2 How do we identify kingdom stories? 136 

3 Kingdom stories: telling, leading, discerning 143

Afterword by the Rt Revd Professor Christopher Herbert 144 

Bibliography and Further Reading 146 

Index of Biblical References 153 

Index of Names and Subjects 155


Vaughan S. Roberts

Rev Dr Vaughan S. Roberts writes and speaks widely on organisational theory, leadership and the church. He is the co-author of Leading by Story (2018).

"This is an extraordinarily generative book. Well organised, lucidly written, creatively researched...The invitation into exploring what kind of God we believe in and how telling this story might refresh all of our stories is breathtakingly liberating. This is a book that deserves to be widely read and put to use...." -- James Woodward, Sarum College, UK

"Vaughan Roberts invites his readers to participate in the storied nature of living. His book points us towards pathways for sharing our stories, making meaning from that shared telling, and discerning from that the signs of God's redemptive actions." -- Elaine Graham, University of Chester, UK 

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