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Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
ISBN: 9780415196994
Published: 15/10/1998
Radical Orthodoxy is a new wave of theological thinking that aims to reclaim the world by situating its concerns and activities within a theological framework, re-injecting modernity with theology.
This collection of papers is essential reading for anyone eager to understand religion, theology, and philosophy in a completely new light.

John Milbank, Catherine Pickstock, Graham Ward (all of University of Cambridge)

..."anyone interested in reading an innovative "school" of theology, one that makes radical claims about the relation between orthodox thought and modern secularism, will find the compilation invigorating."
-"Word & World
""Radical Orthodoxy is a forceful and often brilliant collection of essays that takes full advantage of the situation and resources of post-modernity to develop a theological position that is an alternative to both liberalism and post-liberal neo-orthodoxy... it displays a level of brilliance, broad erudition, and even worship rarely seen in these fields today."
-"Pro Ecclesia
""Radical Orthodoxy is an immensely stimulating collection. Almost every paper makes you want to stop and work through the fresh and suggestive insights it contains."
-Charles Taylor
"Despite all the media claims about the imminent demise of mainstream Christianity. . . a collection such as this displays an intellectual power, a learning and conceptual imagination, that few if any other groups could achieve."
-Fergus Kerr, University of Edinburgh
"If theology offers a continuing reflection on the implications which the practice of faith holds for probing the reaches of the human condition, then it will constantly be utilizing philosophical strategies in its quest for such understanding. That makes philosophy a 'handmaid of faith, ' yet rather than reduce its stature, offers ways of extending its tentative explorations. The contributors to this volume provide just such explorations to tease us well beyond 'philosophy of religon' to fresh theological horizons."
-David B. Burrell, C.S.C., Hesburgh Professor of Philosophy and Theology, University of Notre Dame

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