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Letters to the Corinthians

Letters to the Corinthians

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Publisher: St Andrew Press
ISBN: 9780715208984
Number of Pages: 317
Published: 15/01/2010
Width: 12.7 cm
Height: 18.7 cm

'The sun has one splendour and the moon another splendour and the stars another splendour' It was when he was in Ephesius in AD 55 that Paul, learning that things were not all well in Corinth, wrote to the church there. This was to be his call to one of the greatest and most cosmopolitan cities of the ancient world; a rebuke and an instruction and a call for unity within the Church.

William Barclay guides the reader through these letters and the story they tell, showing how The Letters to the Corinthians, perhaps more than any of Paul's other writings, reveals the character of the man, his passion, humility, strength and zeal.

These epistles are both a heartfelt appeal to the people of Corinth and a fierce defence of the Christian church.

William Barclay

1907 - 1978

William Barclay once said that his life's aim was to help new generations "to know better their Bible, their God and their Saviour".

The words and works of this great communicator of the Gospel inspire and sustain the Christian faith of thousands all over the world.

Born in Wick, Barclay studied at the University of Glasgow before becoming a Church of Scotland minister in 1933. He returned to the university as a lecturer in New Testament language and literature in 1947 and was appointed Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism in 1963.

'It is as if he is so constantly excited by the subject matter that he hopes to infect the reader with his own sense of wonder at the riches which the Word of God has to offer.' -- John Bell 'The William Barclay commentaries are absolutely fantastic and I wouldn't give up my set for anything.' -- Steve Chalke

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