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Love Makes No Sense

An Invitation to Christian Theology

Love Makes No Sense

An Invitation to Christian Theology

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334057284
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 30/01/2019
Width: 13.5 cm
Height: 21.6 cm

The Christian faith is something people practice. The Church prays, listens to the Scriptures, celebrates the sacraments, cares for the suffering, and liberates the oppressed. This is where the task of theology begins.

In "Love Makes No Sense", each chapter engages central issues of theology but remains focused on the Christian life. Although it is a book about doctrine—Christian teaching—it insists that one cannot present a doctrine of the Trinity, or Incarnation, or anything else in the abstract. 

Teaching divorced from everyday life is not Christian teaching. This does not mean this book is primarily 'practical' as opposed to 'theological'. It is an invitation to Christian theology that refuses to separate the two. 

The aim of this book is not to satisfy the intellect, but to train its readers through approachable theological teaching to live the love that Christian theology proclaims.

Suitable for people looking to explore Christian theology more deeply, be they life-long Christians who want a deeper understanding of their faith, new Christians, or those who are interested in the Christian faith and looking to find out more.


1. Love Makes No Sense – Jesus and the love of God 

2. Love in Excess – God the Holy Trinity 

3. Love Overflowing – The Doctrine of Creation 

4. Love Realized – The Spirit of Life 

5. Love Personified – The Incarnation 

6. Love Negated – Sin and Suffering 

7. Love Enacted – Redemption and the Cross 

8. Love Inexhaustible – The Resurrection and Ascension 

9. Love Entrusted – The Sacraments

10. Love Outspoken – Scripture and the Church


Jennifer Strawbridge, Jarred Mercer, Peter Groves

Jennifer Strawbridge is Associate Professor in New Testament at Oxford, Fellow in Theology at Mansfield College, and Associate Priest at St Andrew’s, Headington. Jarred Mercer is Associate Chaplain and Postdoctoral Researcher at Merton College and Associate Priest at St Mary Magdalen, Oxford. Peter Groves is Vicar of St Mary Magdalen Oxford and Senior Research Fellow at Worcester College, Oxford. He is founder of the St Mary Magdalen School of Theology.

'This book is like the very best kind of guidebook to a great city you've not visited before - or perhaps have visited and largely forgotten. It takes little for granted, it clearly and vividly maps the territory, and it whets the appetite to spend time looking, learning and absorbing the riches around you. A really first class introduction to the `new city' of classical Christian faith and practice.' -- Rowan Williams. Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge

'...a deceptively simple and amazingly fresh guide to Christian doctrine which insists that theology cannot be divorced from every-day Christian life.' -- Paul Beasley-Murray, Chairman of College of Baptist Ministers.

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