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Love in Action

Catholic Social Teaching for Every Church

Love in Action

Catholic Social Teaching for Every Church

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Paperback / softback


Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334057932
Number of Pages: 215
Published: 28/02/2019
Width: 13.5 cm
Height: 21.6 cm

Described as 'the Catholic church's best kept secret' Catholic Social Teaching provides a rich body of thought, and finds a particular resonance as all denominations in the church seek to engage with the needs of contemporary society. Yet beyond the immediate context of the Catholic church, it is all too readily ignored.

Resolutely aimed at those who come from traditions beyond the movement's traditional catholic heartlands but who seek to view their ministry through the lens of generous orthodoxy, "Love in Action" offers a deeply scriptural but accessible introduction to this vital approach to the church's ministry in the world.



1. Background

2. Personal Dignity

3. Common Good

4. Solidarity

5. Subsidiarity

6. Social Sin

7. For the Poor

8. See, Judge, Act

9. Flourishing

Simon Cuff

Fr Simon Cuff is a Tutor and Lecturer in Theology at St Mellitus College. He studied Philosophy and Theology and Jewish Studies at Oxford University. His doctoral research was on the reception of Scripture in recent philosophy and critical theory. He is Coordinating Fellow of the Centre for Theology and Community.

“When Justin Welby referred to Catholic Social Teaching as, ‘one of the greatest treasures that the Churches globally have to offer,’ not only was he correct but also speaking for many of us who aren’t Roman Catholics. Too many Christians are still unaccustomed with this rich vein of Church teaching, though. Into that void steps Fr Simon Cuff as an able guide. He takes us on a whistle stop tour of vital concepts such as solidarity and human dignity and demonstrates their urgent need in today’s politically febrile atmosphere. A book for leaders, both clergy and lay, in all Christian denominations who are concerned with God’s heart for justice.” -- Andy Walton, Writer and Broadcaster

"Many may have heard of Catholic Social Teaching, but wondered what it is and why it matters. Simon Cuff has written a lucid, well-researched and accessible introduction to this important strand of thinking which helps the church engage critically and constructively with the life of the societies in which it lives.” --Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington.

'...a well-written and thought-provoking guide to issues which should be of concern to all Christians, not least the concept of ‘the preferential option for the poor’, which goes beyond compassion for the poor but involves justice for the poor too. This is a theological text-book with a punch!' -- Paul Beasley-Murray, Chairman of College of Baptist Ministers. 

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