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Jeremiah Through the Centuries

Jeremiah Through the Centuries

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Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
ISBN: 9780631231516
Number of Pages: 397
Published: 22/04/2020
Width: 15.8 cm
Height: 23.1 cm

Explores the interpretive history of the Book of Jeremiah, and highlights the various ways it has influenced the cultures in which it was read 

Jeremiah Through the Centuries explores the reception history of the sixth century B.C.E. prophet, providing original commentary on the texts and traditions that continue to deeply impact readers by exemplifying the spiritual struggle of the faithful. Focusing on the Book of Jeremiah, the text presents an original theory about the effects of Jeremiah on the developing idea of the self in Western history and culture, particularly over the last 400 years, in a wide range of liturgical, political, artistic, literary, and cultural contexts.

The book guides readers through various interpretations of Jeremiah’s poetry and prose, discussing the profound influence that Jeremiah and Western culturehave had on each other through the centuries. Significant texts from every chapter of Jeremiah are presented in a chronological narrative as both conversation and debate—enabling readers to encounter the prophet in the text of the Bible, in previous interpretations, and in the context of their own lives. Throughout the text, the receptions reflect historical contexts and highlight the ways they shaped specific receptions of Jeremiah. This book: 

  • Illustrates how the Book of Jeremiah was adapted by readers to face new challenges, both in the past and present
  • Includes examples of Jeremiah in social satire, Islamic tradition, political debate, and religious controversy
  • Provides a detailed introduction that traces Jeremiah’s influence on events and traditions
  • Offers insights into both celebrated texts and lesser-known passages that are relevant to contemporary readers
  • Features numerous, previously unpublished, illustrations, demonstrating the influence of Jeremiah on traditions in Western art

Featuring engaging narrative and expert commentary, Jeremiah Through the Centuries is ideal for students, teachers, and general readers with interest in theology and biblical studies, Judaic studies, ancient literature, cultural criticism, reception history of the Bible, and the history of Western civilization.

Mary Chilton Callaway

Mary Chilton Callaway is Associate Professor and Department Chair in the Theology Department at Fordham University, New York. She is the author of several published essays on the reception of Jeremiah, particularly in relation to developing ideas of the self in early modern Europe.

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